Daniel Craig's Advice for the Next Bond
James chats with "No Time To Die" stars Daniel Craig and Rami Malek, and Rami shares he didn't have to consider accepting a role as the film's villain - it was an instant yes. And Daniel talks about his approach at trying to evolve his portrayal of James Bond over five films before James asks him about what advice he has for the next person to be cast as 007. After, Daniel remembers his early days on the stage when students would throw candy at him (that he ate).

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  • T. Wronski-Petersen
    T. Wronski-Petersen

    Craig have raised the bar for the franchise. Thank you for your tenure Daniel Craig. Loved it. It’s going to be hard to top. 💣💣🔫

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez

    RUTH WHAT???!!!!! 😳😳😳

  • Tobi

    Cillian Murphy would be a great James Bond.


    They killed Bond, them bastards!!! 😕®️

  • Murat Yağcı
    Murat Yağcı

    Jensen Ackles can be Bond..

  • vaidya nikhil
    vaidya nikhil

    Most unique bond of all time Full of emotions unlike previous ones.

  • Don Crown
    Don Crown

    The time and effort going into such a role definitely has an effect on the actors personal persona. Craig looks sounds and acts like a bond in his day to day life 😂💪 a real legend of our era and many more like him prove that a fact

  • harv

    Daniel Craig looks more british every day

  • S production
    S production

    Best Bond ever

  • Aplaceofshadows

    James Corden, an English man: I wonder if there will ever be a role that is passed on and other actors take that role Doctor Who: Am I a joke to you?

  • IamNinjaOfNinja

    Well, the "new" 007 obviously could have tried to save Bond but lazy scripwritting,SJW and woke movement intended Bond to die.

  • Карина Карина
    Карина Карина

    I admire you,Daniel.Always Bond.From Russia with love ❤️

  • Maida Lynn Jaguit
    Maida Lynn Jaguit

    The mos Bond Line of Daniel Craig I ever loved it might not be the exact words, "Could you throw it please in the toiet"❣

  • Alnilam

    We need a 'Mr. James Robot'

  • RiRi

    Best Bond ever!

  • Paulo B. de Araripe
    Paulo B. de Araripe

    Daniel Craig brought the Bond character as close to the reality of an MI6 agent as public opinion could possibly understand. The best James Bon ever. 🇧🇷😎💥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

  • Hamberder King
    Hamberder King

    Nice bond movies except Skyfall. That one was pure shit

  • toyin.dindoin love
    toyin.dindoin love

    This yt channel may be run by the ccp. The censorship is amazingly trans and homophobic.

  • Francis Haden
    Francis Haden

    Was the greatest franchise... No Time to Die except for the time for a screenwriter to kill of the core character durh

  • gerardo p
    gerardo p

    The best JB ever no doubt about it.

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male

    Best Bond till this day!

  • Misfit

    What is he saying at 2:04-2:06 ? Can anyone help? :( ....in a way that we don’t ?????? hung on to anything (that is) ever said about us

  • Harley

    Daniel Craig had a great BOND with James

  • One World Government
    One World Government

    3:09 that caught me off guard.

  • Ritagni Mukherjee
    Ritagni Mukherjee

    I literally cried watching the movie...... Why he died!! He could have been retired .....

  • Michael P
    Michael P

    Garbage movie with the worst bond.

  • Savage Lettuce
    Savage Lettuce

    James: I wonder if it will ever happen again, that there wlll ever be another role, that is passed on, and different actors take om that role... Dr Who: Am I joke to you? You were even in a few episodes!

  • Septya Dwi Cahyani
    Septya Dwi Cahyani

    Daniel is so handsome 😍😍

  • Brandon 305
    Brandon 305

    I can't imagine another actor replacing him as Bond, I just can't he's the best.💯💯💯

  • Maggie P
    Maggie P

    The Crucible is my favourite playever

  • Maggie P
    Maggie P

    Tom Hiddleston as the next James Bond please or I won't watch it. We need a handsome Englishman at long last. Could never watch Daniel, sorry.

  • Kalahari Kukulkan
    Kalahari Kukulkan

    What next Bond?

  • Ton Tanakrit
    Ton Tanakrit

    Who choose him ?? Let he choose next Bond again.

  • samsbook book
    samsbook book

    Daniel Craig was the perfect fit for giving Bond a facelift. And that was the plan for the new movies. The black/white scene in Casino Royale told the viewers which direction we are going. They have written history with his films, unique, changes, and it was a connected story this was new in bonds franchise. An Daniel handled, Bond in a modern classy way, and it was never to much. With a perfect and inevitable ending. I will miss this guy.

  • HT Alps
    HT Alps

    Hello?? "Dr. Who" is a role that is passed on to different actors; what planet are you from?

  • JDOG _
    JDOG _

    Best Bond by far amazing actor

  • Tomás Morais
    Tomás Morais

    use this as a “THANKS DANIEL, WE LOVE YOU” button


    Yo Craig as Macbeth, that's gonna be a master class performance.

  • zak girard
    zak girard

    How about Tom Cruise for the next Bond. I know he isn't British. He can adopt a British accent. Or, have a scenario where MI 6 wants an American. The merging of the two successful storylines, MI and 007 might make the biggest hit ever if it's done right. The great-looking black lady playing the new 007 can retire and become an actress or model, or better, be prompted and be Bond's new boss... So, they hire this middle-aged American Cruise to take her place as the new 007.

    • B T
      B T

      Nah, feel like we need a fresh face for Bond. Tom Cruise has already done Mission Impossible so it would be strange to see him as 007...

  • Sara Rose
    Sara Rose

    Just saw it today and I loved it, gonna miss Daniel as Bond.

  • Torque Steer
    Torque Steer

    I think he could keep playing Bond for as long as he wants. Such a shame this was his last film.

  • Jared Begg
    Jared Begg

    um.... Doctor Who?

  • Magnetical999

    Craig looks slightly uncomfortable sandwiched between these two......... gentlemen.

  • Bern BONCAY
    Bern BONCAY

    His absolutely amazing James Bond,if you have watch yet, definitely recommended, best movie ever.

  • ponsangr

    no time to die was terrible

  • vikram jadhav,neo
    vikram jadhav,neo

    Cristiano Ronaldo no brainer will. Be the next bond look at his followers he will carry it well

  • Lawrence Scht
    Lawrence Scht

    I'd pay a lot to see him go on playing the role

  • Monica Azzawan
    Monica Azzawan

    He is amazing and so handsome 😍

  • Suhani K Goghar
    Suhani K Goghar

    I wsnt gona c Casino Royale coz didnt find Daniel suitable, but surprisingly luvd it


    Daniel Craig always does dress like Bond for sure !

  • InteractiveRootsProd

    Damn great Bond, thank you sir 🙏🏽❤️🔥

  • zara foster
    zara foster

    Still throws me off that Rami isn’t British

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    Congrats to Daniel Craig. Best Bond ever. Thanks for a great 15 years.

  • rainboow567

    This Rami Malek is VERY charismatic!!

  • Darian Stewart
    Darian Stewart

    I wonder if Aston Martin give him free vehicles

  • kevin084life

    Next Bond is either gonna be Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Henry Cavill or maybe someone younger like Taron Egerton.

  • HybridSoldierXI

    Craig's version of Bond brought a completely different take on the character that made him feel more real and grounded, which will be remembered for years to come. While Quantum of Solace was arguably the weakest of his run, there are far worse Bond films out there. All in all he has probably had the most solid run as Bond besides Connery.

  • Stay Gold
    Stay Gold

    Bond looks so old almost like a senior citizen. Coronavirus seems not enough to make people depressed

  • Hibatul Wafi Khosy
    Hibatul Wafi Khosy

    Jodie Comer for the next Bond!


    Best bond in my opinion

  • Happy Hunter
    Happy Hunter

    The next bond needs to stay a white man , not to be racist but james bond was written to be a white man. So keep it a white man dont change the story just because people are crying and complaining that it needs to be a black person. Its not racist keeping him white. Oh and james bond is a male as well so if you change that too the future story of james bond is ruined. Mankind has changed into a bunch of pansys and wyining racists. The future of mankind is screwd.

  • For The Love Of Seattle
    For The Love Of Seattle

    At first I couldn't see Daniel Craig as James Bond and now I can't see James Bond without Daniel Craig.

  • Thomas Tomczak
    Thomas Tomczak

    Daniel Craig is Bond, he personified and humanized the character

  • Robby Anderson
    Robby Anderson

    I can definitely say, I grew up watching James Bond 007 Starring Pierce Brosnan and I honestly love how amazing Daniel Craig lived up to Pierce Brosnan and even exceeded the bar In his own way. I will miss Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond.

  • Kennedy Rayani
    Kennedy Rayani

    He did well in Bond.But I want to go back to the light hearted Bond.Its become too serious..

  • MalEduardo 7
    MalEduardo 7

    The next bond has to be transgender

  • DJ Knox
    DJ Knox

    You know Corden is like the critics - he gets most everything backwards. Yes Craig has been a fantastic Bond, but No Time to Die is flat out one of the worse Bond films. And although Rami Malek had the potential to be a great villain, somehow he missed the mark... probably due to bad screenwriting or directing.

  • Zeljko Karadzic
    Zeljko Karadzic

    Daniel,you will be missed

  • حليم مصطفى
    حليم مصطفى

    Hello,.. We love❤Mr. Daniel Craig's 🏍.. ..I pray for God to spread his peace and blessing upon all of you and your families❤...Ameen🤲...

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson

    Nobody can play Bond better then the other Bond actors!! Daniel Craig: hold my beer

  • djdocstrange

    Him and Ruth who??!? 😂

  • Reggie Nixx
    Reggie Nixx

    Tom holland said he wanted to play the next james bond

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker

    He was the best James Bond ever

  • TehSpazzmaster

    I hate James corden.

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson

    I love all Bonds, a real Bond lovers does. They are all great actors and Bonds. Glad to see this one leave; now on to a new one. I love Daniel Craig, but we need more action and a young one; I say that because all Bonds have to go; Craig did great, but I watched them all go; and now on to the next one. Good Luck Daniel I loved you in Tomb Raider as well. My favorite Bond of all was 007 Roger Moore; of course. I love them all! I love all Movies. My favorite Bond girl were: The Spy Who Loved Me, portrayed by Barbara Bach); Jane Seymour, Kim Basinger, Maud Adams. I love all songs. my favorite James bond movies are all of Roger moore, and the ones with my favorite bond girls in them; but I love them all.

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo


  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo


  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo

    fibill.info/nick/videot/vHl9faLTlplhbH8 .... fibill.info/nick/videot/rmeMmZqmhYuRm60

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo

    james te mangi gli omogenizzati ancora?

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo


  • SoulMass

    He was Bond for 12 years. Im sure we all adjusted to blonde Bond easily. However, we will never accept a BLACK and FEMALE Bond.. and no, a "two-year-old" cannot hold the title of 007 either. Lefties have to stop destroying every good franchise.

  • Repent to Jesus Christ
    Repent to Jesus Christ

    Repent to Jesus Christ!! “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Putins Cat
    Putins Cat

    Craig: "Well, probably not a good idea to have your predecessor kill off the main character.."

  • Grand Lennon
    Grand Lennon

    Thank you Dan...

  • Sukai Penn
    Sukai Penn

    Enjoying🧕😷 peace 💎and😁 Blessings 🤲🍋

  • J Z
    J Z

    Advice to the next bond - “don’t be black”

  • Testa

    I wish they wouldn't call it a franchise, makes me think they are more focused on the money and profit.

  • Unicorn Evil
    Unicorn Evil

    Bless you both for being.

  • Alex 35
    Alex 35

    Maybe the next Bond actor should make sure he reads the script to see if it makes an incredibly bad decision about the ending,as was made in No Time To Die.It was a huge mistake.

  • Anita S. Cervantes
    Anita S. Cervantes

    Daniel Craig was a fantastic James Bond👍

  • Wiz Ruby
    Wiz Ruby

    Nobody, can beat Pierce Brosnan

  • Javier Sds
    Javier Sds

    For anyone who hasn't watched it yet: don't go. It's not worth it.

  • Gil Balfas
    Gil Balfas

    Daniel Craig wasn't tall enough or good looking enough but he was cool enough and his acting was so good he is up there with Connery, Moore, Brosnan...marvellous post modern Bond. Bravo Sir Craig!!

  • Faris Hazim
    Faris Hazim

    N-word @ 3:10

  • Peter Engel Svensson
    Peter Engel Svensson

    I thinks it is so sad for Rami to be the villain. I think he would make for a great bond.

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez

    I really like Bob Morley to be next Bond

  • Desirée Miranda
    Desirée Miranda

    Daniel Craig is The best Bond ever!

  • Daud Parhusip
    Daud Parhusip

    Best 007 EVER

  • Madhu

    i am so confuse how is he alive?

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